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We formed Tempo Organ Procurement Professionals in mid 2021, convinced we could build a more efficient operation for managing engagements between independent organ procurement coordinators and OPOs. 

CEO, Jason Vannatta became an Organ Procurement Coordinator in 1995 and has built his expertise and relationships out in the field ever since. Today, he continues to travel as a Certified Procurement Transplant Coordinator, believing it important for leadership to keep active in the field to remain keen to what's important to both coordinators and OPOs. 

COO, Andrew Vannatta acquired his MBA from the College of William & Mary and spent 15-years in various areas of patient pharmaceutical marketing, including learning & development and digital operations & strategy.

We're excited to combine our respective areas of expertise into a single, formidable partnership. We genuinely desire good outcomes for all – OPC contractors, OPO partners, hospital staff, and ultimately the families we collectively impact through our efforts. It's more than "just staffing," to us – it’s reliably, tenaciously, and compassionately helping manage life.

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Our Story: Industries

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